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We are an executive search boutique dedicated to the success of our clients though consistent world-class search counsel. Our mission is to ensure that our clients will not make one of the costliest mistakes firms can make: hiring the wrong person.
Why you should engage Curtis Hall Partners

One of the most costly mistakes a company can make is a bad hire. Evidence has shown even the most successful companies consistently make bad hiring decisions in key executive positions, year in and year out. The reasons vary, but can usually be reduced to one or more of the following:

  • Lack Of Clear Communication
    Often hiring managers make mistakes by asking the wrong questions, not fully articulating the company culture or the job requirements, and not having an effective process in place to gather feedback from the interviews. At Curtis Hall Partners we work with you to ensure that the candidate understands the company, culture, its values, and has a clear understanding of the job. We also stay in touch after the hire to ensure that communications issues can be resolved before they result in a loss of confidence by either the new hire or the client.
  • The Panic Hire
    You know you have a critical position that you need to fill NOW. You have a candidate in front of you, you have limited time so you cross your fingers and pull the trigger. You’ve just fallen into the trap of The Panic Hire. At Curtis Hall Partners we have over forty years of collective experience that goes into our search process — ensuring the right candidates are presented in a timely manner so you don’t have to settle.
  • Unqualified Hires
    Most often companies hire candidates who present well, interview well, and do everything right up until they show up for work. Because hiring managers usually do not have the in depth understanding of the search process, they occasionally miss, or overlook shortcomings and end up with an employee that is less than ideal. At Curtis Hall Partners we work to avoid this by acting as devil’s advocate, pushing back at the client if we think they are overlooking important elements of a candidate’s profile.
There are many expenses associated with a new search, including the opportunity cost of lost time and momentum not pursuing corporate opportunities; and, not to mention the costs associated with replacing the people whom the bad hire drives away during their tenure, however short.

Whether it’s a bad fit, wrong skills, or changing requirements, hiring the wrong person can cost a company time, money, and reputation, not to mention wasted sign-on bonuses, relocation costs, severance allowances, etc. We have a forty-plus year track record working with firms again and again to prevent these failures.

Learn more about what our clients and candidates say about us:
I was approached by the Principals of Curtis Hall Partners who were engaged to recruit a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) for a prominent healthcare services firm. While I was not actively looking to make a career change at the time, they were able to convince me that this was indeed a challenging and interesting opportunity. They listened to the reservations I expressed about the role, and were able to effectively play ‘devil’s advocate’ in satisfying my concerns. When the offer was made, they were helpful to me in negotiating an attractive compensation package.
Mark P. Sneff

VP Human Resources, Fox Rehabilitation

I have worked with [one of the Principals] for over 10 years and he has made numerous executive-level placements at two of the organizations I have been with. He is a pleasure to work with because he takes the time to understand the position requirements, knows the industry well, keeps me (the client) informed at every step along the way, and has a great sense of humor. Lastly, this person is very skilled at finding the right person and “closing the deal”. I highly recommend Curtis Hall Partners for executive-level retained searches.
William Rothenbach

CHRO, Old Mutual Financial Network

We engaged the Principals of Curtis Hall Partners to recruit a President of our Foundation. After meeting with all the key stakeholders, including members of the board, the search firm was able to identify and attract a strong slate of talented candidates, and assisted us in selecting the most appropriate person for the role. Our new President is still in the role and performing above expectations.
Bonnie Phipps

Former President & CEO , Saint Agnes Healthcare (Ascension Health)

We worked with the Principals of Curtis Hall Partners on a search for the CEO of a prominent regional human services organization. As board Chair, I oversaw the search, and was impressed with the quality of the candidates introduced to the Search Committee. With the assistance of the search firm, we were able to recruit a very talented and high energy CEO, who ten years later is still in her role.
Melvin “Chip” Hurley

Director, Berkeley Research Group (BRG)

We Are Resourceful

We Are Resourceful

Probably the most challenging search ever conducted by our firm was for a large, national healthcare plan located in the Washington, DC area. The organization asked us to conduct a confidential search for a new CFO. The need for confidentiality was that the incumbent CFO, who was well known throughout the region, was terminally ill and both he and the company wanted to keep his illness confidential.

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Curtis Hall Partners was formed because the Principals believe both in exemplary client service and superior executive search counsel. Our forty-plus years of cumulative experience yield results not typically found with other executive search firms.

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