Initial Outplacement Counseling

Work with the individual to walk them through the event. Ensure them that this is a positive move versus a reflection of their capabilities. Assist them in arriving at the point where they are invigorated to move on. This should be done immediately upon the employee receiving the information that their services are no longer needed at the company.


Resume Building & Production

We review the individual’s background with them, trying to recognize specific accomplishments that the individual can take credit for. We help the individual recall their duties while, at the same time, capturing the above mentioned accomplishments. In the end, the resume tells a story of the individual and how he/she has positively impacted their companies and the industry as a whole.


Professional Call Services

We assist the individual in learning how to receive and catalogue incoming phone calls. We can supply a dedicated phone to the individual for an additional fee. This will ensure that all calls coming in on that line will be purely for the reasons of finding new Opportunities. The cost for this service will include the cost of the equipment and the time units for the unit in use.


Network Building Tools

Most people do not have a clue as to how extensive their personal networks are. We work with the individual to explain to them and help them to understand the concept of networking and how their networks can find them the next, great opportunity. Most people still believe that opportunities come to them via Monster, Career Builder, etc. We educate them in such a way that by the time they have been with us for a few days, they realize that the jobs that they really want need to be networked and not acquired. It is extra work, but it is extremely successful. In the end, they have not only acquired new employment, but they now have a database that they can pass on to individuals who are now in the same shoes that they were. We refer to it as “LinkedIn” without the computer.


One on One Outplacement Consultant Services

Probably the most important feature of our program is that, at no time, are we not available to the individual. In the early stages of the program, there is a continuous question by the individual of why. “Why was I released? Why did this happen to me? What did I do? What should I have done differently?” It is extremely difficult for some people to accept this situation without some extreme self-doubt. This is where our advisors come in. We counsel the individual in such a way that they start to realize that whatever the reason, they are now in a situation that they have control over. What caused the dismissal is no longer as important as finding the next job. Through continuous talking and counseling for the first few days of the event, our strategy is to rebuild the individual’s confidence in order to take on this new goal.