Growing competition in the marketplace has driven organizations to develop strategies that appeal to a diverse range of customers –whether selling a product or recruiting an executive. Their success, particularly in the consumer arena, goes straight to the bottom line. When it comes to recruiting and retaining quality talent, savvy employers no longer believe that a diversity initiative is simply the “right” thing to do; they know it is a business imperative.

The desire for a diverse workforce is a growing challenge. In their quest to find executives who reflect the communities and markets they serve, today’s hiring managers are skillfully leveraging the diversity of their organizations’ talent to increase recruitment success and retention goals, and increase employee morale.

Curtis Hall Partners’ focus on diversity reflects our clients’ recognition of the power of a diverse workforce. In recent years, our partners have been asked to recruit Chief Diversity Officers, as well as executives for consulting firms which specialize in diversity and inclusion. More profound is the growing mandate by our clients to see a diverse slate of candidates. As such, our databases of candidates, referral sources, and organizations which focus on diversity reflects a comprehensive array of relevant resources, targeting African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, gay/lesbians, and others.