In the world that we live in today, stress has become a constant companion for many of us. How is it that some people seem to handle it better than others? Are they really “handling” it or are they really good at masking it. Professional counselors would probably say that stress cannot be handled. Eventually it will catch up to us if it is not addressed swiftly and properly. Some of the more notorious causes of stress are the following:

Death of a Loved One

This can be a spouse, parent, child or friend. Death is part of life, but the death of a loved one is something that causes significant stress. Our hearts are broken as we grieve for our loved one and our lives are seriously disrupted. This is something which we can do little about, unfortunately, and also something we all have to deal with, sooner or later. Many people recover from this stressor and continue with their lives. Others never fully recover. Death of a loved one can cause a number of serious illnesses that we take on ourselves, including depression.


Even if we are glad to get rid of our ex-spouse, divorce is a major stressor in our lives. In addition to causing us to feel stress, it can also stress out our children. Many couples are so wrapped up with their own emotions during a divorce that they fail to notice the impact of the situation on their children. Chances are that the kids are feeling quite a bit of turmoil, even if they are too young to understand what is really going on. In fact, younger children can experience even more stress than older children in the case of their parent’s divorce because they cannot put their emotions into words, nor can they understand that daddy or mommy going away has nothing to do with them.


Even if you are moving from a shack to a palace, this is still stressful. It may be a happy occasion, but it is still a disruption of your routine. And any disruption of your routine causes stress. Moving disrupts the entire family.

Major Illness

Any type of major illness is a significant stressor for the entire family. One person being ill does not just affect that person, but everyone around him or her. A major illness is one of the worst stressors we can endure as it can go on for years, taking its emotional toll on everyone around, especially children. Many people who experience a major illness can suffer the symptoms of depression due to the dramatic change in their life and/or the medications being used to treat the ailment. Others may also exhibit other unusual behaviors.

Job Loss

In addition to being humiliating, the loss of a job will most likely throw you into financial turmoil. Losing a job often results in depression as well as anxiety. Not only did your self esteem take a hit, but you are also worried about money. You will probably experience stress until you get a new job or reconcile yourself to the fact that you will have to get by on less money.

Until you get your bearings, you will face a disruption in your lifestyle as well as your financial status. The uncertainty that surrounds getting another job also affects us when it comes to stress. Losing a job and having to find another job is extremely stressful.

Even if we quit a job for a better job, this is still considered a stress factor. Starting a new job, while a good thing, is stressful for most individuals. Why? It breaks our routine. And anything that breaks our routine causes stress.


In Summary

As you can see, just our everyday, regular lives can be extremely stressful since some, or all, of these events are present in our current lives at any given time. Our team of people are capable of assisting an individual with these issues and are willing to help and guide in any way, shape or form.

We strongly recommend that our “Individual Counseling Services” are a part of the services that you offer to your employees since it will benefit them through times of turmoil. If you know of any employee going through one of these 5 stressors and you wish to help them through it, please do not hesitate in calling our offices and we will be able to set up some time to discuss your needs.