We were engaged jointly by a world renowned Health Plan to identify and recruit a Chief Operating Officer. The Plan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the System, serves several key but disparate marketplaces: the Plan serves as a TPA handling all the health claims of the 17 different operating units within the entire enterprise, including the University and all its schools, the hospitals and the various satellite entities. It also serves as a major Medicaid vendor in the State of Maryland.   Finally, the Plan also serves as a major “TRICARE” contractor within Maryland.

Accordingly, the need to satisfy significantly different constituencies made this search challenging, since the search “jury” consisted of both system “clients” as well as representatives from the state Medicaid and TRICARE infrastructures. A further complication related to the system’s expectation that since the institution has such a strong reputation for excellence, there was a reluctance to provide a fully competitive compensation package. From a purely logistical point of view, it was difficult for our firm to arrange convenient times when the candidates could meet with members of this widespread “jury”. Similarly, we had to quash the concerns of the candidates that they were facing a very bureaucratic culture, which, frankly, the interview process reinforced.

In spite of these challenges, we were able to recruit a very strong operations executive from a large regional managed care firm who remained with the Plan for over five years, leaving to pursue a position with more ultimate career promise.