My mind was drifting, the other day, as it usually does on a fine Saturday morning. I had consumed my third cup of coffee and it was only 7 A.M., so you can imagine that my drifting mind was travelling at break neck speed.

I was reviewing additional resumes pertaining to a search that I was working on and was wondering how I could find an easier way to match candidates to positions. Obviously, in today’s day and age, there had to be some scientific way in which to determine if Suzie is better than Bob since her educational pedigree seems to be so much better than his. Or was it possible to conduct some sort of physical endurance test so as to compare how each responded to incredible pressures being applied by myself and the client?

Realizing that this would not be a prudent decision, not to mention that it is probably illegal in most civilized countries, I grew tired of this exercise and started to gently drift off to sleep (coffee doesn’t keep me awake)

My mind started to drift into another dimension. I didn’t know where I was; all I knew was that, I had left my world and now found myself in another. I got up and started to walk toward my kitchen to get another cup of coffee, so I could wake up but there was no coffee maker, there was no water…there was nothing but another room with a large comfortable bed. I thought to myself, “… when did I become an innkeeper?”

There was a knock at my door and when I went to open it, there stood Bob. He looked tired and worn out. Probably due to the obstacle course that he had just run and asked me for a room for the night. I told him that I had one available room and that I would be willing to rent it to him for 33% of his first year’s total remuneration. He asked me if I could do better on my rate, at which point my eyes glazed over and I realized that I was drifting into another dream.

Pulling myself back into the present, I showed Bob to the room and as he entered he told me that he would be leaving very early and that I would not see him before he left. I told him not to worry; I would just bill him in three easy retainers.

The next morning, I woke up due to Bob’s incessant shaking. He promptly informed me that he was going to hold back payment of one retainer due to the fact that he could not get comfortable. When he lifted the mattress in the morning, he found a single pea wedged in between the two mattresses and felt that due to this issue, his night was ruined and he was not pleased.

I realized right then and there that Bob was going to be my man. Anyone with such a tender demeanor was the right choice for my client’s position and he would make a perfect candidate for presentation to the client. As I got up to congratulate Bob, I tripped over the tassel on my shoe (yes I was wearing tasseled shoes to bed) and fell down a pair of stairs that just happened to be next to the bed.

When I came to, I realized that it had all been a dream and I needed to stay off the coffee in the morning. The other thing I quickly realized was that there is no sure fire way of ensuring that you have picked the right person for presentation. Make sure that the specs that you created meet the individuals character traits and accomplishments. Meet with them a few times before you present them to the client. Check your references and you will probably get it right.

Our job is not to dry fit a candidate to the position. Look at everything and anticipate that your candidate may be fibbing every now and then on certain items. Not to say that they intentionally deceive just understand that people, at times, have a tendency to embellish their accomplishments and achievements. Verify them. If you can test your candidate, go ahead and do so. In today’s world, there are at least 100 people ready to take the job you have and a lot of them will do what it takes to get it.

If all else fails, open a bed and breakfast.