Sydney Finkelstein’s revelations in the Wall Street Journal’s Monday, October 3, 2016 edition regarding great leaders recruiting superstars are at first, surprising, but then upon reflection, consistent with the kinds of behavior we have come to expect of great leaders.   Above all, they think for themselves, and are not afraid to take unconventional positions, and to otherwise act in ways that most of us consider too risky to employ.

In the article “Why Great Leaders Want Their Superstars to Leave” Finkelstein makes the case that the best companies recruit with the idea of creating a sustainable flow of the best available talent. One of his role models is Larry Ellison, the iconic CEO at Oracle, who excelled at attracting outstanding executives, mentoring them to become CEO’s and other C Suite leaders at other organizations.

As Finkelstein notes, this process sets up a culture of the organization becoming a talent magnet that feeds on itself until it becomes a part of the organization’s DNA. The paradoxes he identifies are noteworthy, because they are so counter-intuitive…. For any of you who aspire to really create a legacy in the world you inhabit, this piece is worth a read.