Curtis Hall Partners was formed because the Principals believe both in exemplary client service and superior executive search counsel. Our forty-plus years of cumulative experience yield results not typically found with other executive search firms. To summarize what Curtis Hall Partners brings to its client assignments:

  • Our fundamental value proposition is that we will deliver a slate of candidates that our client would not have access to without our assistance. Besides being skilled in assessing candidate strengths and degree of fit, we are excellent marketers who will make a compelling case to the “passive” candidate prospects that we target. Thus, we need to have a thorough knowledge of our client, how it makes key decisions, and other cultural characteristics, including its competitive advantages, its vulnerabilities, and its objectives and strategies.
  • We understand the marketplace for executive talent, garnered from over 40 years of cumulative experience conducting national searches across a wide spectrum of industries. Before our search careers, we had successful corporate careers in Human Resources, Finance and Operations. In addition, we have assembled a group of “Trusted Advisors” who provide a wide range of perspectives and functional skills for our projects.
  • What you see is what you get. We do not “hand off” major pieces of the work effort to junior people, only to get involved in the closing stages of a search. Our principals drive every aspect of every project.
  • Our business model is driven by our integrity and honesty. On the front end, we painstakingly work with the client to define desired candidate qualities, and on the back end, we will “tell it like it is”, being honest with our client about what is really feasible given salary and other constraints.
  • We are highly passionate about what we do. We take a strong personal interest in every project we undertake. This attitude results in intense client loyalty: repeat business is an indisputable testament of our ability to meet a client’s need, and is our highest compliment.